No But Where Are You Really From? Artichoke Trust, The Gallery Season 3

The exhibition, No But Where Are You Really From? featuring the work of 11 Artists is being shown on thousands of billboards and digital screens across the UK.

Artists: Amit Sihag, Azraa Motala, David Blackmore, Fiona McBennett, Ian Wainaina, Larry Achiampong, Lori Gordon, Op.x, Osman Yousefzada, Reena Kallat, Yasmin Nicholas

The Gallery is a major project produced by Artichoke Trust. It aims to create a repository of artworks that respond to the important conversations of our time, using public art to create debate and ignite meaningful conversation. Season 3 is curated by Bakul Patki. For more information, visit

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JAWS: Interview

An Interview I did during lockdown features in JAWS: Volume 7, Issue 1 & 2

The interview can be purchased HERE